Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator Fundamentals Part 2

In this issue we connect our devices and prepare them for distribution. The process of preparing devices takes time at first. There is a lot to learn. There is a process to managing devices with Apple Configurator. Frustration creeps in if you don’t understand the process and how Apple Configurator works.

Profiles and Blueprints are powerful tools in Apple Configurator. They greatly increase what we can do to manage devices. They can also cause some frustration. The profile we created in the last issue prevents the installation of apps by users of the device. This option also prevents the installation of Apps with Apple Configurator. Teachers don't always understand how this works. So I will review this step in the configuration.

Apple Configurator Fundamentals Part 1

Apple Configurator is an application used to set up and configure iOS devices. It is typically used to set up iPads. Apple Configurator works best when configuring and managing devices in small organizations. I have used and trained others to use Apple Configurator. We use it to configure, assign, and manage devices at the classroom and campus level. It is much better to use a cloud management service for large sets of devices. These are Mobile Device Management services.