Robotics for Science and Math

Robots for Science and Math

Robotics for Science & Math

Teach motion, velocity, and acceleration. Bundle other concepts.

The mBot Robot

Integrating technology into the curriculum doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. In this issue I take the mBot and use it to teach basic science and math concepts. All we need is a few basic lines of code for the robot.

Students learn science concepts of motion, velocity, and acceleration. They use measurement tools to determine distance. These measurement tools include the traditional measurements. They also include the concept of time as a tool for measuring distance. Determine the mass of the robot and have them learn the difference between weight and mass.

Extend the activities by bundling other technology concepts. Have students create tables to recored their measurements. Use constants and variables in their measurements. Use spreadsheets for these tables and create charts.

Have students communicate their understand in a variety of ways. Use video, blogs, or presentations.