Microsoft Teams in the Classroom

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Microsoft Teams

Setup for use in the classroom. Use the communication portal to collaborate and share content.

Setup Microsoft Teams

I’ve been using Teams over the last few months. I wasn’t sure how Teams would play a roll in the classroom for teachers. The first team I created provides communicate and documentation. This is for a select groups of teachers at different campuses. These teachers provide credit recovery and advancement for students. There is a lot of information that needs to be provided by them. Much of this information is confidential. Teams have worked out very well.

OneNote included in the team provides a portal to share important information. This information is specific to their campus students but affects students in general. Teachers provide information in their notebook and only I can see this information. It helps assure we are complying with FERPA.

I’ve demonstrated the use of Teams to classroom teachers in professional development. It was confusing to teachers at first. Some have taken to exploring Teams and I see it used more at campuses. It is often used for organizing information for PLC communities and staff. The limited access to information in the team appears to be the important draw. This has more to do with FERPA than any need to hold secret meetings.

This article covers the integration of Teams in the classroom. There is little difference between a team for the classroom and a team for PLC or staff. Teams for PLC and staff will use teams more for file sharing and communication.

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 for business. The business application provides services specific to educational institutions. Teams combine a variety of services to help collaboration and communication. The main page in Teams highlights conversations. We will focus most of our attention in this article on the Conversations portal.

Teams for education provides a variety of team templates for education. These templates include services for classroom teachers and Professional Learning Communities. Teams for education also provides templates with services for staff members. These services focus on communication and collaboration at a school.

We will use Teams for classroom use with students. We will develop a basic Team site with services and resources. The services will support classroom instruction. These services for instruction are helpful for middle and high school educators.

Teams is available as an application for devices and a cloud service. The training in this article focuses on the web-based App.