Google Sheets QR codes and Images

generate QR codes and insert images into google sheets

Google Sheets

This issue demonstrates how I generate the participant and presenter badges. The badges include QR codes and the conference logo.

Badges with QR codes and images using Google Sheets

This issue continues using Google to develop resources for our conference. In this issue, we develop a template for printing name badges. The name badges include participant names and contact information. The contact information is embedded in a Quick Response code. The badge also includes the conference logo designed in Google Drawings.

In the issue, you will learn how to set up a Google Sheets document for printing. We will adjust the page orientation, margins, and center the content. We will learn how to measure and space columns on the page.

We will group and merge cells to accommodate the content for our badge. Merged cells will contain the QR code and conference logo.

To generate or QR code we will concatenate information from various cells. This information includes the participant’s name, campus, and email address. Content for QR codes cannot include spaces. Content is joined with the plus, +, character. This character is replaced with an empty space when scanned by QR code scanners.

We will use Google’s Application Program Interface, API, to generate the QR codes in Google Sheets. I explain how the code works and some of the important parameters. I recommend a QR code scanner for iOS devices. The application stores scanned codes. They are exported as Comma Separated Values, CSV. This file is opened with Google Sheets.

We will develop a basic graphic in Google Drawings and import it into our template. I demonstrate the process of preparing the image background and publishing the image for import.

We will query the presenters' information into the badges template. The merged cells cause problems with queried data. I show you how to work around this problem with a simple solution.