Google Sheets Data Validation


Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets to develop a scheduling application. This is the third issue in a five-part series. In this issue, I cover the use of data validation and conditional formatting. We use data validation to select presentations in our scheduling chart. We don’t use it to validate information as much as we use it to select presentations.

In this issue, we develop a schedule in Google Sheets. The schedule uses the data validation option to provide a selector. This selector is used to place presentations in the schedule throughout the day. It isn't used to validate the information in the schedule. We use it to develop the schedule.

We create a legend to help keep track of the presentations by presenters. The legend assures we provide the number of sessions agreed to by presenters. We use the COUNTIFS function to count the number of occurrences in the schedule. This count is compared to the number of sessions indicated by presenters.

We take the legend one step further and use conditional formatting to highlight sessions. This is how we keep track of sessions that might be scheduled too many times or not enough.

It's easy to make mistakes when scheduling lots of presentations. This is why we use the same conditional formatting and apply it to the schedule itself. We use the COUNTIFS function to see if we scheduled a presentation twice in the same time slot.