Google Drawing Story Illustrations


Google Drawing

Create illustrated stories

In this issue you will learn how to use Google Drawings to create illustrated stories. Students are better engaged when they can express themselves in a variety of formats.

The lessons in this issue originated with a request. Teachers needed a way for students to access an application like ComicLife. Students in our district have one to one access to Chromebooks. ComicLife is not available for Chromebooks. They wanted an alternative.

I had already used Google Drawings for graphic organizers. I had also used some tools in Slides to create interactive stories. I combined both ideas and lessons for use with Google Drawings.

I choose Google Drawings over the other Google applications for a few reasons. Google Docs is not designed to be used for desktop publishing. There are several good tools but they can be difficult to use in a word processing environment. Google Slides works very well with graphics and interactive stories. I wrote an issue that uses Google Slides for interactive stories. I didn’t choose Google Slides because it is very presentation centric. I wanted a tool that could be used for a variety of projects.