A teacher only section in OneNote Class Notebook is an area that is not viewable by students. It is available to all teachers in a Class Notebook. This section is valuable for teachers to prepare material that will eventually be distributed to students. It can be used to share ideas, notes and materials for lesson plans, curriculum and activities. Sections can be created within this area and then shared with students through links or by copying the content of the section to the content library section.

To create a teacher only section, click on the apps launcher and select the Class Notebook tile.

class notebook tile

Click on the Manage Notebooks tile.

manage notebooks tile

Click on the option to enable the teacher-only section.

enable teacher only section option

Click on the link to open the class notebook in OneNote online.

teacher only section enabled message

The teacher only section will be listed below the other class notebook sections and above any student notebooks.

teacher only section in class notebook

The teacher only section is like all the other sections and notebooks. New sections and pages can be added as needed.

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