Be careful when choosing to rename notebooks. This might cause confusion for students and other teachers that have access to the notebook. The link in OneNote for recent notebooks will be broken and students will need to go to the Class Notebooks section to open the notebook with the new name.

To rename a class notebook open any notebook with OneNote. Click on the apps launcher and click the OneNote tile.

class notebook tile

Click on the Class Notebooks section and click on one of the notebooks.

class notebook list

When the notebook opens click on your account name at the top of the notebook page.

class notebook pages

OneDrive will open and list all the notebooks created in Class Notebook.

class notebooks

Click once on the notebook that needs a name change.

selected class notebook

Click the rename option in the menu bar.

rename option

Provide a new name when the rename box opens.

rename box

Click save after renaming the notebook.

new notebook name

The new name will be applied to the notebook and updated for all students that have access to the class notebook.

notebook renamed

To open the notebook, make sure the notebook is selected and click on Open in the menu bar. Select one of the options to open the notebook. We can also open the notebook online by clicking the book name link.

open notebook

A Note About The Name Change

During the creation of these instructions it was discovered that the name change does not change the original notebook name in the OneNote application. Looking at the notebook in the Class Notebooks section of OneNote we see that the name for Biology Class Period 1 remains unchanged.

class notebook list

When the notebook is opened we do see the new name change at the top of the page. It won’t affect the functionality of the notebook but it can be confusing for students and other teachers that have access to the notebook.

class notebook name