Sections in student notebooks can be renamed for all student notebooks in a class notebook. This provides an easy way to make sure all student notebooks have consistent sections that are all named the same.

Having section names that are all named the same may not always work in all situations. In a classroom, we may a student who’s native language is not English. In these situations, it might be useful to be able to rename the sections for students so they appear in their native language. Students can rename their own sections but as teachers, we often like for things to be a little consistent. Naming these sections ourselves helps when providing students instructions during a lesson. Renaming sections can be part of the differentiation process.

To rename an individual student’s notebook section, open a class notebook, and click on the student’s notebook to reveal the sections.

class notebook sections

Right click on a section and click on rename when the contextual menu opens.

rename section option

Provide a different name for the section when the section name dialog box opens. Click the OK button to save the section name change.

renamed section

Rename the remaining sections as needed.

all sections renamed