OneNote for use with Class Notebooks is part of Office 2016 with Office 365 for education and business. OneNote is available in two formats for Windows. They include the Desktop version and the mobile version. We’ll be looking at both versions. Let’s begin with the Desktop version.

OneNote Desktop Version

Click on Windows Start, and find the OneNote application. The Desktop version is titled OneNote 2016.

one note 2016 app

A prompt might open requesting you to log in with an educator account to activate Office and OneNote for education. Provide this information and click the next button.

activage office account

Click on the Notebooks menu option and select the option to Open Other Notebooks.

add notebooks menu option

An Open Notebook page will open with the option to open a notebook from OneDrive. Scroll down the page to the “Open from other locations” section. Click on the account that pertains to your business or school district.

open from location option

Click on the Class Notebooks folder icon.

list of one drive folders

Click on one of the classroom notebooks.

list of one note notebooks

The class notebook will open to the default welcome page.

open notebook with sections

The collaboration and content library notebooks are available at the top of the page, next to the Welcome tab.

section tabs in notebooks

The student notebook is located next to the Content Library section. Click on the student notebook, which is usually identified by the student’s name.

student notebook in tabs section

The notebook will open and the first section will display with a blank page for the section. The cursor will be position on the page title field.

student biology notebook

Provide a descriptive name for the page and click once below the page title field to begin typing notes.

new page with name

OneNote Mobile Version

The mobile version of OneNote is designed to take advantage of the touch interface, stylus, and camera on mobile devices.

Click on the Windows Start button and click on the “All Apps” option.

Windows 10 all apps

Scroll down to the applications that are listed under the letter “O”. Both the Desktop version and the tablet version should appear in the list. The tablet version is simply titled OneNote. Click on this version to get it started. Enter your district account information if OneNote prompts for the information.

one note mobile app tile

The tools in OneNote for tablets are setup to take advantage of mobile devices. The icons are a little larger and easier to activate with a stylus or finger. Click on the additional menu option on the left to open a class notebook.

one note menu option

Click on the “More Notebooks” option.

synced notebooks

A box will display a list of notebooks that are part of our Class Notebook set. Click on a notebook.

list of notebooks

Desktop and mobile versions of OneNote sync the contents of notebooks to the device from the Cloud. This could take a few seconds if you don’t have a robust wireless connection.

loading message

The notebook sections and pages are listed on the left.

welcome section in notebook

Click on the menu button in the top left to access other notebooks and the student notebook.

menu options

Click on the student notebook.

list of notebook sections

The student notebook will open and the first section will display a page. This is a new notebook so the section and page are empty. The cursor is automatically paced on the page name field.

new untitled page

Provide a descriptive name for the page and click once below the page title to begin typing notes.

new page with name