The Class Notebook application is used to create class notebooks and to manage the settings for these notebooks. The content of the notebooks is created with the OneNote application. OneNote is available as an installable application for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. These applications are a way to work on OneNote with various devices and keep the notes synced with the Office 365 cloud account. The applications allow us to work on notebooks when there isn’t an Internet connection available.

There are several notable differences when working with OneNote Online, on tablet devices like the Surface, iOS and Android devices. Having said that, we are also more likely to use a variety of devices when working with OneNote and knowing how to use the application on each device can inform us of the benefits of using OneNote on specific devices. All the features are not consistent across all device applications.

OneNote Online for Office 365

To open OneNote, click on the Office 365 apps launcher.

office 365 apps launcher

OneNote has a similar looking tile to Class Notebook. Click on the OneNote application tile.

class notebook tile

OneNote is an application that can have many notebooks. These notebooks include personal notebooks created in OneNote and notebooks distributed to students or teachers through Class Notebooks. The Notebooks page has four sections. These sections include Recent notebooks opened.

recent notebooks

The My Notebooks section includes notebooks created under personal accounts.

my notebooks section

The “Shared With Me” section includes notebooks shared by other accounts. These include notebooks distributed to students from Class Notebooks, notebooks distributed to teachers, and notebooks shared from regular OneNote accounts. Shared notebooks include the account name of the person that shared the notebook.

shared notebooks with me

The Class Notebooks section includes only those notebooks distributed to students and teachers through the Class Notebooks application. To Open a notebook click on the notebook name.

class notebooks

This is a student notebook. The name of the teacher is shown at the top of the notebook page. A student notebook includes the Collaboration Space and Content Library notebooks. The student’s notebook is shown below these class notebooks. The Collaboration Space and Content Library notebooks have an underscore before the name. This is so that these two notebooks are listed first before any student notebooks.

notebook welcome page

Every newly created student notebook also contains a Welcome section. The Welcome section contains basic information for using the notebook. It also includes information about other applications like Staff Notebook and Sway. The information in these pages offers information and tutorials for using the notebook as either a teacher or student.

notebook pages

The name of the class notebook is shown at the top center of the notebook page.

one notebook link

Students can begin using their notebook by clicking on their notebook, which is usually the student’s name. When the student clicks on his or her notebook name, it will open to reveal the sections that were created inside each notebook. These sections usually include Class notes, Handouts, Homework and Quizzes. The Class notes section is the first and is opened for us.

class notes section

An untitled page is created where students can begin creating content. The text cursor is automatically placed on the page title field. This is also the page name. The current page name for this page is “Untitled page”.

an untitled page

The name of the page in the sidebar is automatically updated with the page name entered in the field.

page named

OneNote has several tools students can use to take notes and create content. We will be looking at these tools within the context of creating content for students and by students. Students can return to the notebooks section where the other class notebooks are listed by clicking the notebooks link.

new page name