The collaboration space is automatically created when a new class notebook is created. It’s available to all students that have access to the class notebook. This is where students can go to work on assignments, share information or have discussions. There may be times when the collaboration space might not be needed or when it would need to be locked so students don’t have access.

To lock down this section, open the Class Notebook app and click on the Manage notebooks tile.

manage notebooks tile

Scroll to a Class notebook and find the “Lock Collaboration Space” option. To lock the space click on the switch once.

lock collaboration space option

The switch will change color and the text will change to read locked. This section will be locked for students but teachers will still have access.

collaboration space locked

The collaboration space can be used to have students work on projects. Locking the space at the end of a project can give teachers time to grade projects without students making changes.