At the end of the year we may be tempted to delete class notebooks. I’ve usually found it more valuable to hold on to the notebooks for at least one year. This is because I’ve been asked to recall or retrieve student information, notes, assignments or assessments from a previous year. Archiving class notebooks is an excellent way to remove them from the class notebooks list and keep them accessible for future reference.

To archive a class notebook open OneNote. Click on the application launcher and select OneNote.

class notebook tile

Click on the Class Notebooks section and click on a notebook to archive.

class notebook list

When the notebook opens, click on your account name, which appears at the top of the notebook page.

One Note online

OneDrive will open and list all the classroom folders created under your account.

class notebooks

Select one or more notebooks buy clicking to the left of each notebook. Click on the check mark button at the top to select all the notebooks.

selected class notebooks

Click the “Move to” button in the button bar.

move to option

A panel will open on the left side of the page. The panel lists several folders that are part of your OneDrive account. We’ll create a folder to archive these notebooks. Click the “New Folder” button.

list of folders

A folder will be created and we will be prompted to provide a name.

new folder

Provide a meaningful name and click the “Create” button.

create folder button

Select the newly created folder in the panel and click the Move button at the top of the panel.

selected archive notebook

A message will display at the top of the page informing us that the notebooks have been moved into the folder.

moved message confirmation

Click on the application launcher and select the OneNote application.

OneNote tile

Go to the Class Notebook section. The notebooks will no longer appear as part of the class notebooks for your account.

class notebook names

Viewing Archived Class Notebooks

To view an archived folder we need to access OneDrive. Click on the application launcher and select OneDrive.

app tiles

The archived notebooks, in this example, are in a folder titled “Archived Notebooks”. Click once on the folder to open it.

files in one drive

Click on a notebook to open it with OneNote online.

archived notebooks