Several sections are created in student notebooks during the process of creating a Class Notebook. The sections include Class Notes, Homework, Quizzes, and Handouts. We can add more sections to all student class notebooks in the Manage Notebooks application.

Click on the app launcher in Office 365 and select the Class Notebook tile.

class notebook tile

Click on the Manage notebooks tile.

manage notebook tile

A “Manage notebooks” page will open with all the class notebooks available. The notebooks are listed in alphabetical order.

class notebook with sections

Click on the “Add section” link in a class notebook.

add section button

A section will be created and a name box will open to provide a name for the new section.

new section name box

Provide a name for the new section and add more sections if needed. Click the save button when done.

save sections button

Click on the link to open OneNote online and verify that the new section was created.

open onenote link

Open one of the student notebooks to see the newly created section or sections.

new section in student notebook