A class notebook has a section called Welcome, which is automatically created. Sections can be created to help organize content for teachers and students. Teachers can create sections anywhere in a Class Notebook. This includes creating sections within student notebooks. Students are limited to creating sections in their own notebook and in the Collaboration Space notebook.

Click on the apps launcher and select the OneNote tile.

class notebook tile

Click on the Class Notebooks section and click on a class notebook.

class notebooks section

A class notebook includes a Welcome section that was created during setup. To create a new section, click on the Welcome section then click on the “add section” link.

notebook sections

A section name dialog box will open to provide a name for the new section. Provide a name and click the OK button.

section name

The new section will be created and placed in alphabetical order with all the other sections at the top of the sections panel above student notebooks.

new section