In a previous lesson, we learned how to create additional sections in all student notebooks. We can create individual sections for individual student notebooks. Being able to create individual sections in individual student notebooks helps differentiate content for students and provide learning opportunities for students with special needs.

A section can be created where we provide simplified or alternate content for some students based on their Individual Learning Plan and other students can receive challenging material to accommodate Gifted and Talented students. This is where we can provide differentiated instructions, lessons or material.

Click on the apps launcher and select the OneNote tile.

class notebook tile

Click on the Class Notebooks section and click on a class notebook.

list of class notebooks

Click on a student notebook to create the new section in that notebook.

student notebook

Click on the “add section” link below the Notebooks panel title.

add section button

A section name dialogue box will open. Provide a name for the section and click the Ok button.

new section name box

The new section will be added to the student notebook.

new section in student notebook