As teachers, we often plan and develop lesson plans with other teachers in our grade level or with teachers in our department. Other teachers can be invited to be part of a Classroom Notebook. These teachers would have the same access to the Class Notebook as the teacher that owns the notebook. Invited teachers would not be able to delete the original Class Notebook. Only the owner of the Class Notebook would be able to delete it. Teachers can also be removed from a Class Notebook.

Adding Teachers To A Class Notebook

To add teachers to a Classroom Notebook, click on the apps launcher.

office 365 apps launcher

Click on the Class Notebook application tile.

class notebook tile

Click on the “Add or remove teachers” tile.

add or remove teacher tile

Select a Class Notebook.

class notebooks

A page will open where we can type the email address of the teachers that will be granted access to the notebook.

teacher email field

Click on the next button after providing one or more teacher emails.

next button

A page will display all current and new teachers. Click the update button to confirm the addition.

teacher list and update button

A confirmation page will open where we can launch the OneNote application.

open onenote link

Removing Teachers From A Class Notebook

To remove a teacher, go to the Class Notebooks app, click on the “Add or remove teachers” tile, and select a notebook on the page. Teachers that have access to the class notebook will be listed. Click on the remove link next to the teacher’s name.

teacher list with remove option

A strike through line will appear through the teacher’s name and the remove link will change to undo. Click the next button.

undo option for teacher

The following page will list the remaining teachers. Click the update button to confirm the removal of the teacher.

update button

A confirmation page will display and we can open OneNotebook.

open onenote link

If the confirmation page is missing a teacher, and you didn’t intend to remove a teacher account, click the back arrow on the page.