One common part of students in our classrooms is that they come and go throughout the year. Students invited to the Class Notebook when it was created will inevitably change because students will leave and new students will arrive. It's very easy to add and remove students in a Class Notebook.

To add or remove students from a Class Notebook click the apps launcher in Office 365.

onenote online notebook

Click on the Class Notebook tile.

class notebook tile

Click on the Add or remove students tile.

add or remove student tile

Open a notebook by clicking the notebook name.

class notebooks

Enter one or more student email addresses and click the next button. Separate each email address with a semicolon.

add students

Click the update button to add the students.

student added

Removing Students From A Class Notebook

Select a notebook from which the student will be removed.

list of class notebooks

A list of existing students in the class notebook will be shown in the “Add New Student” section. To remove a student click on the Remove link.

list of students with remove option

The Remove link will change to an Undo link.

student selected for removal

Click the Next button.

next button

Click the update button on the confirmation page.

update button

The student or students have been removed from the Class Notebook.

done section in panel

Click the “Back to home” link.

back to home link