The option to use accent marks and diacritical marks when using iPhone or iPad is already available with your device’s onscreen keyboard. The sentence in this example is written in Spanish. It needs a diacritical and accent mark. We can add these marks as we’re writing the text. I wrote the sentence without the marks as an example.

sample sentence in spanish

We’ll rewrite the sentence below with the appropriate marks. We need a diacritical mark, a tilde, over the second “n” in ninos.

re-typing original sentence on line below

As we type the “n” we’ll hold the letter on the keyboard for a second. Above the letter “n”, an “n” with an accent mark will appear and an “n” with the diacritical mark we need, tilde, will also appear.

on-screen keyboard with accent options

To select the “n” with the tilde, we’ll slide our finger over to that key.

selecting letter n with tilde

With the Enye in place, we need to add an accent mark to the letter “a” in estan.

writing the rest of the sentence

We’ll repeat the process of holding the letter on the keyboard. This time, the letter has several accent and diacritical marks available. We’ll select the appropriate accent mark by moving our finger to that key.

several accent marks for the letter a

The sentence now has the appropriate accent and diacritical marks.

complete sentence with accent and diacritical marks