We can create a variety of calendars with Google calendars. These calendars can be shared with other individuals or they can be shared with the world through the Internet. Calendars shared with individuals can have permissions granted to them. These permissions include the permission to add or modify events. They can also include the option to share the shared calendar with someone else.

Publicly shared calendars have only one permission. This is the permission to view event details on the calendar. We can provide links to our calendars and share them with the world. We can also embed these calendars in a web page. This makes the calendars easier to browse. Accessing Google Sites takes several clicks using the Google Apps Launcher. Click on the Application launcher, go down and select even more at the bottom of the launcher. This will open a very lengthy page with several other Google applications. In the end it is much easier to go to https://sites.google.com.

Google is transitioning to a very user-friendly version of Google Sites. We will be using the user-friendly version. Click on the New Google Sites link. We won’t be going through all the options available in Google Sites during this lesson. The purpose here is to make our shared calendars public.

new google sites link

Google Calendars can be shared with specific individuals. They can also be shared with the world by making them public. Sharing calendars with others is one way to keep others informed of your daily, weekly, or monthly events.

Permissions for these calendars can be granted to those that will have access to one or more calendars. Permissions include giving someone access to create, edit, and share events in your calendar. This option can be granted to an assistant that is in charge of scheduling events for a supervisor or an organization. The most common permission is the permission to grant others the right to view scheduled events on the calendar and not grant them permission to make changes.

In this lesson we will share a calendar with another Google account user and grant that person the standard view events permission. Google calendars can be shared with others that do not have a Google account but they will not be able to make any edits without an account.

Access your Google calendar from the Google Apps launcher or go to https://calendar.google.com, and login with your account information.

Calendars are located in a panel on the left. Hover your mouse over a calendar name. An actions menu option will appear. Click on the triangle.

my calendars section

We can create multiple calendars in Google Calendar. A personal calendar is automatically created and we can create others. Calendars can be created for special vents. Calendars can be shared with one or more persons. Only those we share the calendar with will be able to see the event details we choose. We will see the view options later in this lesson.

In this lesson we will be creating a calendar that will have events related to an organization. These events will be made available to the public. We can follow the same process for creating calendars that will be kept private or just shared with specific individuals.

Go to your Google calendar using the Google Application launcher or use this link, https://calendar.google.com. You will need to login using your account information.

The “My Calendars” section is located in a panel on the left. Click on the actions menu option to the right of the “My Calendars” title.

my calendars section