Screencastify is a free extension for the Chrome browser and Chromebook. It is used to record the contents of your computer screen. Teachers can use Screencastify to record lessons, instructions or lectures. Students can use Screencastify to present information to the class and as part of assignments given to teachers. The extension can be installed from the Chrome Web store. In this lesson we look at the setup process after installing the extension.

During the setup process, we need to allow Screencastify to access and perform functions using the browser. It also needs permission to access Google Drive, which is where recorded videos are typically saved. Screencastify can use the webcam on the computer to record video, typically that of the presenter. The video captured through the webcam can be included in the screencast or it can be recorded separately. Part of the setup includes granting permission to Screencastify so it can access the webcam camera.

Click on the Screencastify extension icon.

screencastify icon

The first part of the setup process is to grant access to the computer’s camera. Click on the “Setup Camera Access” button.

setup camera button

Screencastify might not recognize that we are logged in. If this happens, click the “Sign In” button.

sign in button

A message will display below the address bar requesting permission to allow access to the camera. Click the “Allow” button.

allow button

Screencastify will prompt for a location to store the recordings. Google Drive is automatically selected. This is the recommended location. Storing recordings on a Chromebook with limited storage can cause problems. Click the “Next” button.

google drive option

If you haven’t logged in, you will be prompted to log in to a Google account.

sign in button

The next step is to setup Tab Recording. This requires additional permissions. Click on the “Setup Tab Recording” button.

setup tab recording button

Click on the “Allow” button.

allow button

You might be prompted to answer a quick survey. Answer the questions to finish the process.

While many may not want to record themselves during a screencast lesson, the webcam camera can be used to record a traditional lesson or instruction. Pointing the camera at the presenter provides an opportunity to record these lectures, lessons, and instructions. Screencastify is not just for screencasts.