Screencastify is a free extension for the Chrome browser. It is used to record the computer's desktop and application. Screencastify will use the microphone that that is part of your computer. We can connect other microphones to the computer. Most microphones can be used by Screencastify. Plug the microphone into the computer USB port before starting the Screencastify extension.

Click on the Screencastify extension and select one of the recording options.

microphone option

Click on the “Select microphone” option.

select a microphone

A list connected microphones will be shown.

a list of microphones

Select a microphone and the name will appear in the microphone selection. The green audio level to the right of the microphone name should appear in green and it should move up and down. The green audio level shows that the microphone is picking up sound.

a selected microphone

The microphone recording audio level can be adjusted by clicking the microphone icon.

microphone audio meter

Speak into the microphone normally while adjusting the slider.

audio recording adjustment meter

The audio level should not go into the red. This will cause distortions in the sound quality and make it difficult for people to hear or understand the audio. Keep the audio in the green area.

audio slider set too loud

This is a excerpt from my book Screen Cast with Screencastify.